Vasquez, Luis

Hello my name is
Lou Vasquez Jr.

Welcome to my AP and PAP Biology classes.  I've taught these classes for the past 14 years.  I'm attaching information regarding my education and experience that I thought you might find interesting.



  • University of Texas El Paso                               (2002 – 2003) 

·          Texas Teachers Certification (science composite 8-12)

    •   Additional certification

    • o EPISD GT Certification
    • o IB Chemistry Levels I and II Certification
    • o IB Environmental Systems and Societies Level I and II Certification
    • o IB Biology Level I, II and III Certification

    • AP College Board Chemistry (course approval)
    • AP College Board Biology (course approval)
    • AP College Board Environmental Science (course approval)

  • Harvard University                                             (1984 – 1986

    Harvard Extension University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Graduate School (CSS) Special Studies Program in Business Administration and Management

University of Texas El Paso                              
(1970 – 1977)

           Master of Science: Biological Sciences / Chemistry,                                                   
           Thesis: Production of Dimethyl selenium and Dimethyl tellurium by Soil Microorganisms

           Bachelor of Science:  Biological Sciences / Chemistry

High School Teaching Experience      

El Paso Independent School District    

Coronado High School                                                   (2004 – Present) 

  • IB Biology (HL and SL), IB Chemistry (SL)

  • IB Environmental Systems and Societies (SL)

  • AP Biology, AP Chemistry

  • AP Environmental Science

  • Pre- IB-AP Chemistry and Biology

  • General Chemistry


    Jefferson / Silva Magnet High School    (2002 – 2004)                                    

  • General Chemistry

  • Integrated Physics and Chemistry

  • Dual Credit Biology and Medical Microbiology (magnet school)



College Teaching Experience

       El Paso Community College                              (1978 – 1982, 2004 – 2010)

  • Biology I and II for science majors

  • Anatomy and Physiology

  • Microorganisms and Disease

  • Park College                                                     (1978 – 1982

  • Human Anatomy (lecture only)

  • Evolutionary Biology

  • University of Texas El Paso                               (1975 – 1976)

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant: Microbial Physiology and Environmental Microbiology


  • Additional Teaching Experience                                    

    Served for four years as a visiting faculty member for the American Association of Medical Instrumentation and the American Society of Artificial Internal Organs providing technical and instructional training in the area of contamination control (biological and chemical) in hemodialysis applications to major medical schools throughout the United States. 

    Served as an industry advisor and instructor for the Food and Drug Administration on contamination control, and product validation / documentation for medical devices (hemodialysis and pharmaceutical applications).

Office Hours:  M-F 11:50 -12:35   B34

Tutoring Office:  Monday - Friday  8:00- 8:45. and 4:00 - 4:30