Sawyer, Erica
Intro Chem

Welcome to Mrs. Sawyer's Chemistry Class!     
I am super excited to have you as one of my students. I always like to say, once your one of my students, you are always one of my students. So, welcome to the family! I will often refer to you as one of my kids, and you will meet many of my "older" kids as they visit from college or the military throughout the year,  I am  sure of it!

As your facilitator, I hope to instill in you a deep respect, if not an all out love of Chemistry over the course of the year. Now you may say, Mrs. Sawyer that is so cheesy or lame,  well you just give me a full report at the end of the year,  ok?, I crave feedback. For now, hold on tight its going to be one heck of a ride! I hope you like making/eating ice cream, popcorn, smores and elephant toothpaste because those are all ingredient based recipes that stem from Chemstry! Lets do this!

Now you may say, "Mrs. Sawyer, I have heard that Chemistry is so hard!". Well, that is a fact, it is tough.  You will definitely have to stay caught up as go, it is a class that builds like a staircase, one stair at time. If you miss stair one, you can make it, if you miss the first flight of stairs, "rut roh"! I like to refer to Chemistry as a "backbone science" , much like an introductory Biology or Physics. It is not just about the actual Chemistry material,  it is about the life skills you obtain while acquiring Chemistry. Even if you are not pursuing a science career, it is the rigorous material that actually teaches you how to learn at a higher level. Chemistry will give you "MAD SKILLS" so get excited!

A small bit about myself, I have a Bachelors in Science from Texas A&M University in Animal Science, fightin Texas Aggie Class of 2001!!! This will be my 10th year in the high school classroom. I am super excited for this years transition into a technology filled flipped classroom. I will lead you to my schoology website shortly, stay tuned!

If you ever need to reach me, 24/7, email me @ or schoology message me!

For a one on one consultation, please call the front office and make an appointment, 915-236-2000, my conference is from 8:45-9:25.

Gig 'Em!

Mrs. Sawyer