Paton, James

Hello, my name is Jim Paton
I currently teach AP, IB(SL), PAP, and IBP Chemistry

I have been at Coronado since 1992, teaching mostly chemistry, but also anatomy and physiology and biology in my earlier years.

I have a B.S in biology and a secondary teaching certification from the University of Michigan and a M.S in ecology and evolutionary biology from the University of Arizona

Students are expected to comply with rules as outlined in their student handbook. I will make every effort to be kind, patient and helpful and expect the same consideration in return. Students are expected to bring notebook and calculator daily (I have calculators for their class use) and to use their class time well. Grades are 50% test, 25% lab, and 25% homework. Class time is generally given to begin assignments. Tests and assignments are written by me and address material covered in class. Students will be most successful if they do the following:
1. Attend class regularly
2. Pay attention
3. Ask questions when confused
4. Try the problems themselves
5. Use class time wisely
6. Learn from their mistakes
7. Ask more questions

It is important to not fall behind in chemistry. Students are encouraged to see me for tutoring if they are confused. I am available mornings after 8am, at lunch most days (not Mondays), and after school if the student arrives at my room before 4pm.

Class notes are available on the Mr. Paton Chemistry website at