Lemons, Kimberly


My name is Mrs. Lemons.

I teach 11th grade Physics and Physics: Principles of Technology.
I will need to leave the Parent Teacher Conferences by 5:30. If you are unable to meet with me and would like to arrange a conference in person or by phone, please email me at kmlemons@episd.org
Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience.

Please feel free to stop by E7 if you need help with
Physics or to review for your TAAKS test!
My prep is period 3.

I am originally from Massachusetts. I have Bachelor's degree in Biology and a Master's of Education from the University of Massachusetts.

I began teaching at Coronado in the early 90's. My family has enjoyed our travels with the Army but have chosen El Paso as our home.


Learning objectives

I.  Students should develop a functional  
     understanding of physics.
II.  Students should develop problem solving and
     questioning skills.
III. Students should improve communication and
      interpersonal skills.
IV. Students should develop student cognitive
     thought process to integrate abstract and concrete
      physics concepts.