Czacki, Stanislas

Hello My Name Is...

Stanislas M Czacki

Guitar and IB music Theory

Hi, my name is Stanislas Mark Czacki, and I teach guitar at Coronado HS.  Most of my students just call me Mr. C.

This year, I'd like to see more students competing in UIL and the jazz contest, and I'd like to see more guitar 1 students thinking about continuing into guitar 2

Guitar 1 students will be learning the fundamentals of guitar and reading music, as well as basic techniques for both classical guitar and modern pop/rock guitar.  Guitar 2 students will be focusing on either classical/solo fingerstyle guitar or jazz and improvisation.  All assignments and materials can be found on my website

In guitar class, students are expected to be on time, and ready to learn.  They should follow Coronado dress code.  To this end - students will sit down by the time the bell rings, be attentive and not talking, and have cell phones put away out of sight.  No food or drinks are allowed with the exception of water.  Occasional cell phone use for class purposes may be granted with my permission, otherwise, if I see a cell phone I will take it.

Grading in guitar consists of three things:  20% is a weekly homework assignment usually done online on  The assignments and any needed materials are posted on the guitar class website linked above.  They are technically due the next day, but I give students a grace period of three more days (Friday) to complete the assignments.  70% of the grade is based on performance in class.  If a student remains on task all week, the lowest grade they can get in guitar 1 is an 80% on the performance.  They may redo any performance for a higher grade at any time before the end of a nine weeks grading period.  The last 10% of their grade is a nine weeks performance grade.  Any student who refuses to turn in homework, or refuses to do the assignments in class risks getting a zero for the assignment.