Trujillo, Gabriel




My background:
I graduated from the University of Texas-El Paso with a B.S. in Mathematics and a minor in Physics.  This is my 13th  year teaching high school as well as my 11th year as an Adjunct Professor at El Paso Community College

My overall goal is to extend the student's current mathematical knowledge, creating a deep understanding of the concepts in order to facilitate transition to higher mathematics.   It is focused on those students whom have expressed interest in business, engineering, or science based career.

Course Description:
Students study algebraic concepts and the relationships among them to better understand the structure of algebra. Students perceive functions and equations as means for analyzing and understanding a broad variety of relationships and as a useful tool for expressing generalizations. Students perceive the connections between algebra and geometry and use the tools of one to help solve problems in the other. Students use a variety of representations (concrete, pictorial, numerical, symbolic, graphical, and verbal), tools, and technology (including, but not limited to, calculators with graphing capabilities, data collection devices, and computers) to model mathematical situations to solve meaningful problems. As they do mathematics, students continually use problem-solving, language and communication, and reasoning (justification and proof) to make connections within and outside mathematics. Students also use multiple representations, technology, applications and modeling, and numerical fluency in problem-solving contexts. The content is studied in greater depth and may include additional topics.

Course Requirements:
1. TESTS: Tests will be given each Nine Weeks. The average for the tests will count for 60% of the Nine Weeks Grade. 2. Homework: The average of all graded homework assignments will count for 10% of the Nine Weeks Grade. 3. Quizzes: The average of all quizzes will count for 20% of the Nine Weeks Grade. 4. Nine Weeks Exam: This exam will count for 10% of the Nine-week grade. 

Class Procedures:
1. School ID's must be on your person at all times. 2. Students must bring book/computer with them every day to class 3. No Restroom Breaks 4. Be in Class on Time 5. Be In Your Seat Prepared and Ready to Learn When the Bell Rings 6. Do Not Disturb the Class 7. Stay Seated Unless Given Permission 8. NO Unauthorized electronic devices at any time in classroom. 9. Students must maintain the school’s dress code. 10.Students will maintain the positive leaning atmosphere in the classroom. 11.Students will complete their assignments on time, no late work accepted.