Class Rules and Procedures

Classroom Behavior- The student will:
1.) Follow the teachers directions, specifically and without delay.
2.) Do assigned work and remain quiet during class time in order to not interfere with work of other students.
3.) Be in classroom when bell rings, go directly to and stay at assigned seat unless give permission to do otherwise.
4.) Remain quiet and listen while teacher is speaking to the class.
5.) Never throw anything in the classroom, use inappropriate language, or provoke other students.
Failure of any student to follow these rules will result in:
1st) Warning.
2nd) Report to teacher lunchtime or after school, possibly contact parent.
3rd) Referral to assistant principal (possibly parent conference). 

Grading Policy:
Classwork/Homework/Notebook- 35%
Final Semester Test= 10% of semester average
Quizzes/Tests: One test= two quizzes.
10% will be subtracted from average quiz/test grade for each missing quiz and 20% will be subtracted for each missing test. Make-up quizzes or tests must be done either lunchtime or after school.
Classwork/Homework: One classwork/ homework grade for each week. Name and date must be written at top of all classwork papers. Name at top of all other assignments, otherwise no credit. Late homework will be accepted but for less credit. Make-up classwork assignments may be done only during lunchtime or after school in the classroom. Weekly classwork homework grade may be questioned during lunchtime or after school. No credit for copying homework or classwork.
Classwork Requirements:
a.) listen, pay attention to lesson
b.) complete notes
c.) show work
d.) must be working, on task, not wasting class time
e.) answer questions
Notebook: Notebooks will be graded at end of each 9 weeks and are equal to two weekly CW/HW grades. All assignments in notebook must be in order by date. Notebooks will be graded on completeness and order.
Notebook Contents: 
a.) Class Rules and Procedures paper, with required signatures
b.) Daily notes
c.) Daily classwork
Passes: No passes will be given during first or last 5 minutes of period. Passes will be limited to restroom and nurse. No passes to lockers.