College Prep

Coronado High School

Mr. Joaquin Mota   Room B16

Syllabus for College Prep

This course prepares students for success in their first Mathematics course in college.  The students will review both years of Algebra.  All students are expected to attend class with a positive attitude, have the necessary materials, pay attention to the lesson, and try their very best every day.



Text book (available in the classroom), composition notebook, 3 prong pocket folder or binder, lined paper, and pencil are required every day.  All assignments must be done in pencil.  No exceptions.


Grading Policy

Homework must be turned in on time to receive full credit and a one day extension will be given for each excused absence.    Late work will be accepted and ten points will be deducted for each school day it is late.  After five school days the work will not be accepted.   


Homework/Class work  25%                                                        Tests                     75%


Classroom Rules  

All rules are based on respect for others and their property:                                                                      

Be On Time/Prepared to Work                                                  Only Authorized Electronics

Respect Property/Each Other                                                    No Food/Drinks               

Students will be considered tardy if they are not in the classroom when the tardy bell rings.



Tutoring is available every day before and after school and during both lunch periods.  Any time that I am in my classroom during lunch and before school, students may come in with any concerns.


Parent teacher conferences are available 6th period from 1:30 to 2:15.  Please call 236-2000 to schedule.


I, the parent of ____________________________________, understand the materials needed in class, grading policy, classroom rules and tutoring schedule.


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