Brinkman, Debra

 Welcome to the Coronado Family!  We're happy to have you!

I do not update this website on a regular basis.  However, I do update my weebly website daily.  Please click on the link below.

Mrs. Brinkman's website

I was born in Stratford, Ontario, Canada and immigrated to the US in 1988 upon my college graduation. I graduated from Kettering University with an Electrical Engineering degree and worked in that field for 13 years when I stopped to be home with my children.However, after a short period of time,I decided I needed to do some kind of work. I've always been interested in home construction so I studied to become a residential home inspector. Three years later, the housing industry started its decline, so I decided to find work that better suited my kids' schedules and worked as a cafeteria lady in an elementary school. (Don't ever say anything bad about cafeteria ladies - they work really, really, really hard!!!!)

My family moved to El Paso in the summer of 2005 and I started substitute teaching that November. I was hired into the Coronado Math Department in 2009 and I completed my alternative certification through UTEP in June 2010.

I have two children. Tyler is finishing up his Music Education degree from Baylor and Mitchell is at Texas Tech in the Engineering Program. Both boys graduated from Coronado.

I enjoy being around teenagers as they help me feel young (most of the time anyways). Coronado has some really awesome students who are going to go on and do great things!

Pictures> A picture of my family taken this past summer. Mark is my husband, and Tyler is on the left. The second picture is a view from our Italian villa while on vacation this summer. We stayed on an active Frescobaldi vineyard estate in Tuscany. You can see rows of grape vines and olive trees.