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Lily Wooley
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Coronado High School

I have been an educator for 24 years; I have taught in both public and private schools, from middle school to community college, as a teacher, professional developer, and literacy coach.  I am devoted to my profession and simply enjoy assisting others as we all grow together through positive experiences.

Students have time to complete all assignments in class; they may work on these tasks outside of the classroom as well.  Our class discussions build the foundation for the assignments and require focused participation.   

Junior Class-  American Literature
Unit 1-Career Readiness/Contrasting Expository Essay
Unit 2-Early America/Drama/Author's Purpose/Single Short Answer
Unit 3-Renaissance/Literary Elements/Persuasive Essay
Unit 4-Civil War/Literary Elements/Connecting Short Answer
Unit 5-Modern Age/Poetry/Literary Analysis
Unit 6-Research/Multimedia project/research paper

Senior Class-  British Literature
Unit 1-Career Readiness/Short Answer/Resume
Unit 2-Old English Period/Interpretation of expository/literary text
Unit 3-Medieval Period/Multimedia Research
Unit 4-same
Unit 5-17th and 18th Centuries/analytical documented essay
Unit 6-Romantic & Victorian Periods/Novel
Unit 7-same
Unit 8-Modern & Postmodern

To focus on reading, writing, and communication skills; to understand humanity and ourselves better; to have compassion and kindness for all

We are incorporating the PBIS strategies at Coronado; I will support the students in positive behavior interventions.  

Points are deducted for late work; it must be turned in no later than the following day. No credit for plagiarism.

Please use the facilities before and after class as the pass is for emergencies only.

Can be obtained anytime; just write or create an original project related to anything we are currently studying. Cite your sources and present to the class.


Sewing Club
Much gratitude to Mrs. Nazarain, Mrs. Jarquin, and Ms. Brack for their generosity of time and materials; 175 students learned how to sew in 2015-16!

Junior Classes

Was a great year with the Sophomore and 
Junior classes!


The Freshmen class has: read The Most Dangerous Game,  practiced the entire writing process with a personal essay about their strengths, interests, and future plans, presented to the class and critiqued each others essays. Students have learned how to analyze poetry and  use figurative language in their original poems. They have learned how to take notes on a library book of choice, write a book report, and present to the class with an original project as a visual aid.  Students learned about the Holocaust through The Book Thief, historical video footage , El Paso Holocaust Museum PowerPoint and presenter.  They have taken a District Common Assessment, practiced the short answer response and learned about grammar: subjects/predicates-phrases-clauses-and  how to write the four types of sentences in the English language.  They understand the importance of journals and graphic organizers.  We finished studying Shakespeare's  play of Romeo and Juliet. The students  researched a topic from the play and wrote an expository essay that they shared with the class; then, they took notes on the presentations. We are currently studying subject/verb agreement and have taken another D.C.A . We have studied punctuation and capitalization. We are currently reading The Odyssey, and the students just finished writing an original adventure tale-using the entire writing process-and presenting to the class; they were awesome! Students will be creating a project using elements from The Odyssey-check the link.

The Junior class has: completed reading and analyzing the play The Crucible, compared it to the film version, and practiced the entire writing process with a persuasive personal essay using ethos, pathos, logos, and textual evidence as well as literary terms. They have: written a personal essay about their strengths, interests, and future plans, presented it to the class and critiqued other essays.  Students have practiced grammar with a focus on phrases, clauses, and the four types of sentences which they have to use in all their essays.  They have studied  both traditional and modern Gothic literature with an emphasis on Edgar Allan Poe.  They have researched and written an Analytical Essay about an American Renaissance author or historical Texas document of the time; they have presented the information to the class and critiqued other essays for originality and voice.  They have also visited the library, checked out a book, taken notes, and wrote a book report  which they shared with the class. They have also taken a District Common Assessment as well as practiced the short answer responses and the use of graphic organizers. We are currently studying the Civil War period; we have read a Stephan Crane and Frederick Douglas excerpt and are analyzing spirituals. We have studied poetry, and the students wrote original poems including a Shakespearean sonnet! Their poems are displayed in the hall.  We just finished studying John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr.'s speeches and are now comparing three drama excerpts: The Glass Menagerie, The Frog Prince, and Our Town.  Our last reading of the year is  the novel: The Things They Carried. Students will be creating a Peace or Vietnam project inspired by any of  the readings we have done this year-check the link.