Bassett, Jan

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Welcome to
2016-2017 English II Classes: Pre-AP and IB-Prep

The year 2016-17 will be a year filled with analysis and writing, developing your critical thinking. English is created by 'building blocks' from year to year; therefore, we will build on your freshmen year to develop your critical thinking and writing in your sophomore year to move on to your junior year and senior year. Each year we take what you have learned and 'tweak'  that knowledge for the appropriate year. What you have learned in 9th grade will be adjusted in the 10th grade, 11th grade, and 12th grade - thus, preparing you for college courses.

I am excited to see your development through discussions and critical analysis from the readings chosen for this sophomore class! Let's begin...

Growing up and continuing to live in the same house in the Upper Valley, I entered Coronado HS in the seventh grade from Zach White Elementary School. As a
member of the third graduating class, I have close ties to the school and continue to be a proud T-BIRD!!

Graduating from The Art Institute of Chicago and UTEP, and continuing to develop my pottery craft, I was drawn to literature and the story of cultures. Majoring in Spanish/Spanish Literature developed my curiosity in creative analysis through the stories from World Literature.

For syllabi, class materials, calendar, please see 'my weebly site' - found in the blue box above.

School phone: 915-236-2000
Student hours and Make-ups:
M-W-F: 8:00 to 8:35
Tu-Th: 3:50  to 4:30

Parent-Conference: 12:40 - 1:10