Graduation Requirements Class of 2018 and Beyond

Graduation Requirements and House Bill 5- What you need to know

First, All Students Must Complete the Foundation Curriculum

uThis includes: 

uEnglish 1,2,3 and a 4th year of English (4 Credits)
uAlgebra 1, Geometry,  Algebra 2 (3 credits)
uWorld Geography OR World History (one credit), US History (one credit), Government (.5 credit), Economics (.5 credit)   total of 3 credits
uBiology, Advanced Science, Advanced Science (3 credits)
uTwo years of the Same Foreign Language
uOne credit of Fine Arts
uOne credit of PE
uOne credit of Technology
uSpeech-HS level (.5 credit)
uHealth- (.5 credit)
uElectives (3 credits)

In addition to the FOUNDATION CURRICULUM (including 4 credits of math and science), all students must select an ENDORSEMENT form the following categories:

*  Arts and Humanities

B.  4 credit Foreign Language Endorsement
C.  2 x 2 Foreign Language Endorsement
E.  Fine Arts Endorsement 
F.  English Endorsement

*  Business and Industry

A.  Includes Agriculture Programs here at Coronado HS
B.  Includes Journalism, Yearbook, Newspaper, Debate, Broadcasting
C.  Includes Digital/Web Design, Game Development @ CCTE

*  Multi Disciplinary

B.  Regular Multi Disciplinary
C.  Advanced Multi Disciplinary (Must take 4 AP, IB or Dual Credit classes)

*  Public Service

A.  Includes CNA, EMT, Pharmcology, Sports Medicine & Law Enforcement programs @CCTE
             Includes Early Childhood at Coronado HS
B.  ROTC (4 credits)

*  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

C.  5 Credit Math Endorsement
D.  5 Credit Science Endorsement
E.  Combination Endorsement (5 credits math & 6 credits science OR 6 credits math and 5                    credits science) 

Students will need a total of 26 Credits to graduate.  

***Audit cards (that can be used to track graduation requirements) for each endorsement can be found on the Counseling Documents page.  These are helpful tools for parents and students.


English 1
English 2
Algebra 1
US History

Community Service Hours are also required for graduation!!

What is Community Service?

"Community Service shall be defined as service performed for approved persons, organizations or agencies outside of the student's home and/or family.

 Beginning with the Fall of 2014, every high school student will participate in community service as part of the EPISD learning experience." --- Board of Managers Goal 3-Immediate

Freshmen in the 2014-15 school year, and all entering freshmen afterwards will be required to meet the 15 hour/semester Community Service requirement.  (30 hours total for each school year)

Students will be responsible for logging in their service hours. To log in hours go to:   

Additional information regarding community service can also be found at the website listed above.  A direct link to the website can be found on the Helpful Websites tab on the left side of the page. 

***If you have questions regarding Endorsements or Graduation requirements please contact your counselor.

There is also a power point (in English and Spanish) that explains HB 5 and other important information that can be found on the Counseling Documents tab on the left side of this page.