Advanced Placement vs. Dual Credit?

What is the purpose of taking Advanced Placement or  Dual Credit courses in High School?

Both Advanced Placement(AP) and Dual Credit(DC) courses are used to earn college credit.  
Generally, students taking these courses can earn credit for core classes that are required to earn a college degree, regardless of the students intended major.  Subjects usually included in the core subject areas required for a college degree are: English, US History, Political Science, Math, Science, and Foreign Languages.  

Should I take AP classes or Dual Credit Classes?

In general, the decision should be primarily based on where you are planning to attend college.  All Texas public Universities will accept Dual Credit hours earned in high school.  Other schools (in state and out of state) MIGHT accept dual credit coursework for college credit, but you must check with each College or University to verify if credit will be  awarded.  Passing an AP exam in a subject more than likely will earn you college credit, but the scores needed will vary from University to University.      

The table below compares the two side by side:

Dual Credit vs. AP

Dual Credit                                                          AP

Credit is awarded for HS and                              College level coursework with an AP exam
   College Credit.                                                     that could potentially earn college credit.
Classes are taken on the CHS Campus.               * Classes are taken on the CHS Campus
Coursework will transfer to any Texas                * Acceptance of credit is based on the 
Public University with a grade of “C” or                individual University. Typically a score of
   better. Coursework
might also transfer               3 or higher on the AP exam is required to  
   to other Universities. 
Student must                   earn credit.  Student must contact the
   contact college to verify acceptance.                 School to verify acceptance.
Students must meet TSI (college                       * Open enrollment
   readiness) standards to enroll
.                          * Students must pay to take the AP exam
Tuition is free.

Again, both AP and Dual Credit courses are used to satisfy the CORE requirements (BASICS) for a college degree.  Be aware that not all colleges require the same scores on the AP exams for college credit.

Example: All Students have to earn credit hours for English in college.

If a student takes and passes Dual Credit English 3, they will earn 6 hours of college credit. 

If a student takes AP English 3, passing the AP exam could earn them up to 6 hours of College Credit, depending on their score.  At UTEP, a score of a 3 on the AP English exam will give the student 6 hours of English credit.  At the University of North Texas in Denton, however, they require a score of a 4 for 3 hours of English credit and a score of a 5 to earn 6 hours of English credit.  

You can search each college website to determine which is accepted at each campus and to see what scores are required to earn AP credit.